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i think my parents are rad too

My dad was sent these words of grace and he passed them along to me and here they are for you. You never know who is being inspired by your presence! Too often 'presence' is tinged with 'mere' but it is anything but...

Michael and Susan,
Just a note of thanks from a loyal customer and fellow inhabitant of planet Earth for all your efforts in developing a successful business in line with your values. I'm following in your footsteps with my granola business; we make cranberry apple granola (called "Crapola", a humorous play on words...) and are sweating it out in the kitchen and hoping that it's all going to pay off down the road. Your example is inspiring and I wish you all the best. Take care

Thanks Brian! Good luck with your word and foodplay. Happy bogging!

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Michael said...

I love the passion and energy of organic entrepreneurs. I volunteer my time to support a number of local organic business companies: Organic Real Pickles and Katalyst Kombuchu. Brian keeep up the great work.