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I love these comments

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Good Morning,
I just love these chunks! My husband and I are going almost all raw for health concerns and these chunks fit right in. They say 100% raw and organic and that's what we're looking for. Keeps me away from the chocolate candy (my downfall). Thank you for making these. If you have any others that are 100% raw, let me know. I would love to try them too.

Organic cacao, goji, and carob powder

We are sourcing more and more organic ingredients from small, reputable growers and distributors. We recently started purchasing our 100% raw cacao goji powder from Educador, this powder has an awesome flavors, is hand shelled and sun roasted. Best of all we are offering our friends one of the lowest prices on the internet for organic carob powder, organic raw cacao powder, organic goji powder and chia seeds. Visit our web site for more details

If you are a family owned, independant grower or organic raw cacao powder, organic sunnies, organic carob powder and other vegan, raw foods please get in touch with us.

My daily drink, I mix 10 ounces of oat milk, heaping tablespooon of organic raw cacao powder and 1 tsp of organic agave for an awesome pick me up drink. Heat drink to about 90 degrees to melt the organic raw cacao powder. This is my lunch 4 days a week with a handful of organic raw almonds tht I have soaked for 4 hours.

Organic Carob Goodies

Organic Carob Powder has a wide variety of wholesome nutritional benefits and can used in many raw and cooked treats. Summer time recipe mash a few banana, mix in organic carob to thicken and freeze for a delicious frozen treat. Check out Dancing Star organic carob powder from Italy.
Carob beverage treat 12 ounces of organic rice or oat milk, mix 1 heaping table spoon of organic carob powder and 1 or 2 tsp of organic agave or honey for an awesome Carob Drink. Substitute organic carob powder for cocoa powder and make carob brownies. Always store carob in a glass jar in a cool dry place. For a unique treat add small amount of carob to your favorite coffee drink.

Organic Super Foods On the Cheap

Savvy Organic Super Foods Buyers
Our philosophy here at Dancing Star is to keep our prices on our Chunks of energy as low as we can. We buy super food ingredients such as: organic raw cacao powder, organic goji berry powder, organic spirulina, organic carob powder and organic mega green mix(contains 14 organic supergreens(organic alfalfa grass, organic oat grass, organic barley grass, organic wheat grass, organic cracked cell chlorella, organic dulse, organic spinach, organic kale, organic parsley, organic dandelion leaf, organic broccoli, organic kamut sprouts, organic cilantro, organic beets, organic carrot, and organic apples) in large quantities to be used in our Chunks of energy and happily offers these items to you at outstanding prices. Compare our price anywhere on the web and you will appreciate the. Our goal is to offer you the Real Raw and Super Foods Deal so you can afford to add this magical power foods to your daily routine and reap the benefits of these power foods.
I use every superfood mentioned above daily and know their awesome value and want to do what it takes to give you the opportunity to reward your body and spirit with superfoods at superdeal for you.
Also if you order a number of items email me from and I will work with you to offer you a superfoods deal. Every morning and every eve without fail, I put one heaping teaspoon of the supergreens in tomatoe juice or water, I also add tumeric, garlic, oregano, and sage to this mix.

I will travel 3000 miles for chunks of energy ingredients

I just visited the Fancy Foods Show in New York City and made contact with the most awesome dried fruit on the planet. Grown in Guatemala, 100% Dried using Solar Collectors and sourced from small, local farmers. I tested dried watermelon, papya, pineapple, mango, and bananas. All dried fruits processed without any sugar and had the best taste of any dried fruit I have ever chewed.I hope to visit Guatemala soon and purchase this awesome items for chunks of energy. We take sourcing very seriously at Dancing Star and we expect to source more and more from local family growers.
If you are a small family farm growing dried fruit, nuts or seeds we would love to hear from you and support your farm, you are important to us, or if our readers can suggest small scale family growers we would love you for this.
Michael, owner and formulator of chunks of energy.