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Energy to Move

Montreal is full of moving trucks, and in some neighborhoods, worried mothers fussing and fresh-faced first-years. That's right, it's September first! I have been doing my share of, well, car-loaning, as summer subletters move out to make room for housemates who have been gone for the summer. It's a hectic time to be sure, and chunks of energy is just the thing to fuel furniture-moving and especially kitchen-utensil moving. When you can't prepare a meal, grab a few bites and you're good to go, and go, and go!

On another note, stay posted while I prepare to move this blog and website together into one cohesive, resourceful, stimulating virtual site that better reflects the values of Dancing Star. Are there features you're interested in? Maybe a tip of the day? A flavor of the month? More opportunities for feedback? More ways to win free food? Let us know how you would like to see chunks of energy on the web, and we'll get right back to you. Thanks!

Smart AND Good Looking

This story comes to us from Lansing, Michigan, where Brendan Martin works as the Bulk and Produce Manager at The Better Health Store. Keep reading for a taste of matrimonial creativity!

For our wedding this past October, my wife and I made homemade dark chocolate truffles as for favors. Instead of rolling them in chopped walnuts or pistachios, we used the small bits and pieces left over from our favorite Chunks of Energy, High Country G.O.R.P. The pieces of nuts, raisins, and candies were super delicious and the colors matched our fall theme perfectly! Another idea would be just putting the squares in the small boxes with ribbon and "Thank you!" tags-or for something sweeter, drizzling them in Fair Trade Dark Chocolate first. I am sure they would be a big hit- people are always hungry after weddings, they look great on the tables, and they would be a cool conversation starter! Thanks Dancing Star!

Best Wishes Brendan, for a long and nourishing marriage!

More Ways to Enjoy Chunks of Energy

Dancing Star has two new flavors--two new organic flavors, two new organic delicious flavors that make me wish I didn't live so far from my home so I could try the final result. The taste batches, I can say for certain, were heading in a good direction.

One is 100% Raw Lemon Cashew. It's perfect for summer--light flavor of tangy citrus, cut with protein-filled cashew richness. The other flavor is 16 Carob SuperGreens--also organic. The taste is like the other carob flavors, but it's packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins. If your local source of chunks of energy doesn't carry them, let me know and we'll work something out.