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Bet you can not guess or next flavor?
Organic. Vegan.  With my favorite super foods:
Acai.  Maca  Camu Camu

6th Organic, Vegan Flavor Chunks of energy with superfoods

More Superfoods for you

We are pumped and working hard on our 15th flavor of chunks of energy to be loaded with organic superfoods and superfruits.  Will be available in certified gluten, free packages and bulk(not gluten free)

Vegan, date sweetened only, salt free and naturally yummy with many unique and tasty ingredients

Send us your visions and feedback on what superfoods we should add?
chunks of energy one of lowest cost for bulk, organic, raw, vegan energy snacks!!

6th flavor gluten free chunks of energy with super foods coming soon

Coming very soon our 6th flavor of certified gluten free and organic packaged chunks of energy If you can guess fla vor we will let you now.

Our favorite new gluten free flavor organic date flax with tumeric

Now I can get my daily dose of organic turmeric and black pepper with a tasty organic vegan certified gluten free option. Yummmy

4 Gluten Free Chunks of energy only .87 cents serving

We just launched our 5 flavor line of chunks of energy at 5.99 per 7oz package with free shipping, this works out to .87 cents for a serving. We have 5 awesome organic, vegan flavors:
  1. organic 100% raw,vegan cacao with goji
  2. organic 100% raw, vegan chia with orange
  3. organic 100% raw vegan lemon pomegranate
  4. organic vegan carob supergreens
  5. organic vegan date flax with tumeric(available 1/22/12
Only sweetener used are organic dates, except for supergreens organic agave.