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I will travel 3000 miles for chunks of energy ingredients

I just visited the Fancy Foods Show in New York City and made contact with the most awesome dried fruit on the planet. Grown in Guatemala, 100% Dried using Solar Collectors and sourced from small, local farmers. I tested dried watermelon, papya, pineapple, mango, and bananas. All dried fruits processed without any sugar and had the best taste of any dried fruit I have ever chewed.I hope to visit Guatemala soon and purchase this awesome items for chunks of energy. We take sourcing very seriously at Dancing Star and we expect to source more and more from local family growers.
If you are a small family farm growing dried fruit, nuts or seeds we would love to hear from you and support your farm, you are important to us, or if our readers can suggest small scale family growers we would love you for this.
Michael, owner and formulator of chunks of energy.

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