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Energy to Move

Montreal is full of moving trucks, and in some neighborhoods, worried mothers fussing and fresh-faced first-years. That's right, it's September first! I have been doing my share of, well, car-loaning, as summer subletters move out to make room for housemates who have been gone for the summer. It's a hectic time to be sure, and chunks of energy is just the thing to fuel furniture-moving and especially kitchen-utensil moving. When you can't prepare a meal, grab a few bites and you're good to go, and go, and go!

On another note, stay posted while I prepare to move this blog and website together into one cohesive, resourceful, stimulating virtual site that better reflects the values of Dancing Star. Are there features you're interested in? Maybe a tip of the day? A flavor of the month? More opportunities for feedback? More ways to win free food? Let us know how you would like to see chunks of energy on the web, and we'll get right back to you. Thanks!

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recipes! good cheer! r