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Available January 9th, 3 flavors certified gluten free 7oz packaged chunks of energy.
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Our new web site is now online. Celebrating with a sale on our organic date flax with tumeric!!

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New Flavor Chunks

Our organic, vegan flavor now available, 1st 3 people to request a sample will get one free.

New web site coming very soon, we are so EXCITED and you will love the changes

Words of Wisdom from a Hiker (4 of ?)

Chris Rabe started hiking northbound on the Appalachian Trail in April. Before he left, he shared this with us (and you): 

"The challenge for this adventure is the mind.  The physical will be tough at times but the mind controls the body so control the mind and the body will follow.  But it is also the heart that can overwhelm even the strongest of men so to keep my passion for wanting to see more, do more, experience more life, I need to temper myself with challenges that I am passionate about."

We're honored that he's fueling his body & mind with Chunks of Energy. We hope, dear eaters, that they are fueling your own passion-driven challenges. 

Be Healthy! Be Active!

Moving your body and eating well are simply awesome things to do. They keep your mood up and your risk factors for painful & costly diseases down. They can bring you to beautiful parts of your neighborhood or your world, to meet new people, and discover new tastes. So why do we so often find ourselves mistreating our body (and also so much that we are connected to)? The answer is complicated and varied. So...I will leave you to respond to that question in whatever detail (or simplicity) you would like!

What I will share is one sort of response to this question: motivation. And I have a solution as well! Hilda Castillo has organised a drawing that will "give my community of followers a little extra push in a positive direction." She asked us to be part of it by donating some chunks of energy. Of course, it's right up our alley, and we wanted to know more! In between her daughter's naps, here is what she had to say: 

Leah (of Chunks of Energy): Thanks for your time Hilda! Can you tell me more about the contest?

Hilda Castillo: It is a simple drawing for prizes (including 5 pounds of Chunks of Energy). You get one entry for every time you eat healthy, exercise, or refer someone--and share it with me, between May 1st and May 15th. 

L: Cool. And how does someone share this? 

HC: I will count each of the following as an entry: 

  • On Facebook - Tag my fanpage in a status update on your wall, updating me on your activity. You can also tag me in a photo of your healthy activity.
  • On Twitter - Tag me in your status. 
  • On my website - Leave me public comments.
  • For a referral - Encourage your friends to comment (via facebook, twitter, or on my website), and make sure they tag you. You and your friend will both be entered.
L: Could you give me a few examples?

HC: Sure. You can share something like: "I am doing Hilda's ab circuit," or "Letting you know Hilda, that I am eating a healthy chicken salad," or eating the chunks of energy posted on Hilda's website," etc.

L: Then what?
HC: Winners will be drawn and prizes will be shipped on May 16. Check out my site for more details about the prizes.

L: Thanks for explaining the contest. Now I'm wondering, what encouraged you to eat healthfully? 

HC: My parents & having a strong desire to not only look but FEEL healthy

L: What is your favorite chunks of energy flavor? 

L: How did you hear about chunks of energy? 

HC: Twitter.

L: What is your #1 tip for staying in good physical shape? 

HC: Just keep moving!  Find an activity you ENJOY so you will stick to it! 

L: What is your #1 tip for staying in good mental & emotional shape? 

HC: Look at the positive in EVERY situation.  Take time to breath & enjoy the beauty around you, in people, places & things.

L: What is the last thing you ate? 

HC: A snack of grapes & cashews.

L: Thanks Hilda!

I'm going on the Appalachian Trail, and I'm bringing... (3 of ?)

Have you ever played that game about packing your suitcase to go to Gramma's house? The first person lists something that begins with A that she'll bring to Gramma's house (an apple, for example). The second person says that he'll bring an apple, and also some beeswax. The third person says an apple, some beeswax, and crayons. Then it continues in this fashion. It's a memory game (and also good for learning your ABCs), suitable for long car rides, or waiting in line at the dentist's office. I highly recommend it. Like Chunks of Energy, it is unpackaged and very portable, and good for kids who want to grow!

If Chris, who left about a week ago to hike the Appalachian Trail, were to play this game, I am not sure he would even have 26 items to mention! He shared with us his 'essentials,' which he notes is 'very debatable in this material world.' Here they are:

ABCs to Bring on the Appalachian Trail

Note: The list is incomplete. What would you add?

  • A: Air
  • B: Bag for sleeping in (the Eureka! Silver City, to be exact. This will keep him in 30 degree weather.)
  • C: Comfortable Shoes
  • D: Determination
  • E: Energy
  • F: First Aid Kit
  • G:
  • H: 
  • I: iPod ('for inspiration/entertainment as needed,' says Chris. I'm curious if and when he'll use it.)
  • J:
  • K:
  • L:
  • M:
  • N:
  • O:
  • P: Pad, for sleeping on (the Thermarest NeoAir, to be exact)
  • R:
  • S:
  • T: Tent (Henry Shire's TarpTent to be exact)
  • U:
  • V:
  • W:
  • X:
  • Y:
  • Z:

This adds up to 16 pounds, which Chris says means he's in the 'light range' of 11 to 20 pounds. Maybe one day he'll bring just an 'ultra-light' pack (under 10 pounds). At least determination is weightless!

What drives a hiker? (Part 2 of ?)

Earlier this week we introduced you to Chris Rabe, who had just embarked on a 4-month journey along the the Appalachian Trail. Such a trip requires a commitment of time and energy (including Chunks of Energy!)...and a solid intention. I can't imagine that anyone simply 'ends up' on the trail, although I would be interested in being proven wrong!

So what drives a hiker? What encourages someone to join the 9000 others who have completed the trail? What motivation was behind this decision to just go

For Chris, it was the beauty of the views, and the chance to connect to them. In September 2010, National Geographic aired a documentary on the Appalachian Trail, which you can still watch. Rather just admiring them from the comfort of his home, he decided that this was worth spending time, money, and excitement on. High-definition television pales in comparison to a the natural high you get from the peak of a mountain...

I leave you with these words from Chris: "Everything else can be taken away from us except our experiences." I agree! You?

Appalachian Trail- Part 1 of ?

One of our favorite things about Chunks of Energy is how they power people to do awesome things. So, we were very happy when Chris Rabe (pictured) told us about his plan to hike the Appalachian Trail, powered in part by Chunks of Energy!

He will leave Springer Mountain, Georgia today, and will be on the trail for the next 145 days (that's until November 16). His send off party will include 2 people, 2 dogs, and anticipation of 2181 miles ahead of him. I wonder how many steps that is...

He was kind enough to share with me what brought him to this day, and I want to share it with you. Stay tuned for his inspirations, insight, and the insides of his backpack.

Raw Organic Cacao Goji

Here's a highlight from the Vegan Vagrant review. "These were by far my favorite of the 3 samples, but I'm also a Stage 5 chocolate addict. They are sweetened with dates and anyone who knows me knows that I cannot get enough of any raw chocolate and sweetener combo. These chunks were moist, hearty, rich and oh so delicious, almost brownie-like. I felt the power of raw chocolate fill my body shortly after consuming them and instead of weighing me down like most desserts do, these chunks soon had me in the gym working out with energy to spare. The Raw Cacao chunks have my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION."


New Organic & Raw Flavor!

Our latest flavor is 100% raw & organic Cha Cha Chia. We added organic raw cocoa butter for a smooth, decadent taste. This flavor is also vegan, and salt free, and sweetened only with dates. Read more on our site! Have you tried it? Tell us on facebook!

Our 15th Flavor!

Coming very soon is not our 8th, not our 14th, but our 15th flavor of chunks of energy! It will be vegan, 100% raw, free of salt and organic and will be like a fudge brownie. Yummy!

More Organic Raw Flavors Coming Soon

We are excited about 2 new organic raw vegan flavors of chunks of energy coming soon. What are your suggestions?