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Our first week and we have over 50 Chunks of Energy Facebook Fans.

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Organic 100% Raw Chia Date

Organic Raw Date will be our first flavor with organic ginger and just a few ingredients. Future posts will details the huge nutritional benefits to eating organic chia seeds.

Soap and Chocolate

Just posted some great comments about chunks of energy. Check it out:
Practical, insightful, and creative blog.

Our 15 Flavor of Chunks of Energy Organic 100% Raw Chia Date

September 2010 is the launch date for our 15th Flavor, we are so excited about this new flavor of chunks of energy that will contain organic chia seeds, selected organic spices, and very simple only 4 to 6 ingredients.

It is not too late for our chunks of energy fans to make their taste desires known.

Comments from our favorite customers

From: Anita>
Sent: Friday, March 27, 2009 4:18:03 PM
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From: Anita

I would appreciate list of stores where I might purchase Chocolate Almond chip energy nuggets.
Purchased some of these delicious morsels while visiting in Florida from Whole Foods Turkey Lake Rd; Phillips Crossing , Orlando, Fl. (Nelson Matos, bulk buyer, kindly supplied me with your information.)

Michael Reply
Thanks so much for your positive comments, in the Palo Alto area you can buy chunks of energy at Rainbow Grocery and Other Avenues in San Francisco and New Leaf Markets in Boulder Creek and Felton. Also a few Whole Foods sell chunks of energy chocolate almond chip in their bulk bins.

Comments About Super Greens Chunks of energy

From: Philip
To: Michael t
Sent: Tuesday, August 4, 2009 1:57:18 PM
Subject: Re: Feedback Form

You can use any of my comments on your blog.
And on that note: I thought I would tell you how much I appreciate the supergreens energy chunks. For a while, I've been shopping around for different greens foods. I had the supergreen smoothies, which were super heathy, yet super expensive and requiring prep time I really didn't have. The supergreens bars out there have the ingredients I want, but the cost is just too much for me. I don't want to pay $3.50 for a supergreens bar. So I was really happy to discover the supergreens energy chunks; I get all the same great ingredients at a very good price.
I get my energy chunks from David's Natural Market in Gambrills, Maryland.
Thanks again. Philip.

Kewanna Coop Fan

Thank You...I was at the Kewanna Co-op last weekend and ran across your product...very good I must say
Thanks Jim

Thanks you Kewanna Coop in Upper Michigan for being loyal supported of chunks of energy for over 15 minutes.Coop are one of our favorite stores for selling Chunks of energy. We sell chunks of energy to most Coop in the US.