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What drives a hiker? (Part 2 of ?)

Earlier this week we introduced you to Chris Rabe, who had just embarked on a 4-month journey along the the Appalachian Trail. Such a trip requires a commitment of time and energy (including Chunks of Energy!)...and a solid intention. I can't imagine that anyone simply 'ends up' on the trail, although I would be interested in being proven wrong!

So what drives a hiker? What encourages someone to join the 9000 others who have completed the trail? What motivation was behind this decision to just go

For Chris, it was the beauty of the views, and the chance to connect to them. In September 2010, National Geographic aired a documentary on the Appalachian Trail, which you can still watch. Rather just admiring them from the comfort of his home, he decided that this was worth spending time, money, and excitement on. High-definition television pales in comparison to a the natural high you get from the peak of a mountain...

I leave you with these words from Chris: "Everything else can be taken away from us except our experiences." I agree! You?


emily said...

i'm so inspired by this! i want to hike the Applachian trail with Chunks of Energy in my bag, too!


Leah said...

Awesome! This is what I hoped would come of the post. You can do it Emily!

You know, there was one woman who hiked the AT about 10 years ago, and arranged to have chunks of energy shipped to coops along the way for her to pick up. Pretty clever way, we think, to always have chunks of energy on hand.