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There should be a disclaimer (or caveat--or whatever word maintains that I am not ashamed of what I saw, but simply desiring to point to the source of some of my actions).......and the disclaimer should say that I like to pack a lot into one sentence. Breathe. And also that i have a penchant for puns. A Punchance you could say, but you probably wouldn't.

I like picking words apart-- see this post's title, for example. Those first six syllables are a good meaning: our duty to engage critically with questions like why are we on the planet, how did we get here, how long will we be here, how are we supposed to Be here, why is there pain, why is there joy, love, anger, lies, disintegration, exhiliration, subtle and obvious cues of forces swirling around and within and between us... These are questions whose answers are lived irresponsibly. Our passivity may still be an answer or reaction of sorts, but it is trivial... Can't you see that we are compelled by an ability to RESPOND to these questions and not--i don't know--become despondent? Whether or not we recognize it, our chunks of energy have relationships with other chunks of energy, but sometimes they just jostle and disintegrate and become trivial and other times they can draw upon our ability to carry through with promises of I don't know, exploring the great mystery of life or feeling and changing and participating (flavor and biophilia and satisfying work and a sister's hug and bright, bright spring sun). Maybe we're not compelled, maybe "offered" is a better word. The response du jour is all too monotonous i feel, all too easy, and all too oppressive of our abilities! Tra la la. Now, on to the second part of the title.

Thanks to reann, for thoughtfully participating in this nook of the blogosphere with her assuring comments and conversation fodder. (To read it, look at the "So last season..." post.) You rock!

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