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diy and plu

Runner's world is talking about homemade Chunks of Energy on
one of their forums. Check it out if you'd like to Do It Yourself.

Why, might you ask, are we directing you to recipes for a product that we're trying to sell? Chunks of Energy are an alternative to overly-packaged and processed protein bars and snack foods that have weird artificial matter in them. They are an alternative to rather expensive trail mix. They are an alternative to fast food when you don't have time to cook a filling meal but do have time to grab some chunks of energy and a piece of fruit. We aren't really selling Chunks of Energy as much as we are providing a choice in an industrial market.

Alternatives always have alternatives though, and if you have time to cook a meal, or if you can make healthy snacks at home, then go for it! When you don't have time, or when you want to spend your time doing other things, Chunks of Energy are in a bulk aisle of a health food store near you.

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