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Practicing Ideals

Ideally, I will present you with bite-size chunks of energy as well as longer reflections. Hold me to my commitment to this balance, please.

Here is a short story of my day so far, which I am sharing because it is an example of many chunks of energy and Chunks of Energy. I woke up early to attend a qi gong course (my third one ever), and got there an hour early by accident. The wonderful thing that happened was a conversation with a man who makes breakfast and lunch in the lobby of the building where my course is, and that was chunk of energy number one. I gathered more chunks of energy during my course, and cleared my mind before a getting-to-know-one-another meeting of local movers and shakers who are working toward greening our small neighborhood of Duluth Avenue in Montreal. Lots of good intentions and fodder came of that meeting—chunks of energy number three. I came home midday and broke my fast on raw cacao and goji berry Chunks of Energy. They are the newest flavor, and they are powering my day in such a good way. May they energize you, too.

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