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Dear Readers

Thanks for stopping by on your wander, stroll, or saunter through the blogosphere. If you already know what Chunks of Energy are, basically, then I encourage you to feed us back with how they act in your life. If you don’t know what Chunks of Energy are, then allow me to break the ice. For a more complete introduction—a dip in a hottub, you might say—check out the website of Dancing Star, where you’ll find history of the makers, product details, where to get them, and more. Please note that the Dancing Star website will be changing a lot in the near future, so if there’s something you need to say in the meantime, don’t hesitate to email me at My name is Leah, by the way. Hi!

So, Chunks of Energy, the food, are the brainchild of my dad, whose name is Michael Garfield-Wright. Thirty years ago, following a year-long stint on Wall Street, he decided that stress, toxic environments, and false relationships were not his thing. He sought to replace that unsustainable lifestyle with a wholly satisfying one, and began to explore the small but important ways of empowered living. In the decade or so that followed, he learned all about food and how it can be good for the self. He also discovered that stress, toxic environments, and false relationships are not really up anyone’s alley, and he wanted to be a catalyst in the campaign for awareness about what we’re eating. In the early 80’s, he and my mom moved to the Pioneer Valley where they could pursue the sort of graceful living they had in mind. One beard and one daughter (my sister Hannah) later, Michael finally figured out that this product—Chunks of Energy—were exactly good enough to serve. Fast forward 20 years, and you end up now, with me, my little sister, and Chunks of Energy in every United State. Local coops were our first customers, and they still carry them, as well as Whole Foods Markets and everything in between.

That’s the "seed" of Dancing Star and our Chunks of Energy, in a nutshell, or a seedhull, or what have you.

Here is a picture of our homestead last winter. It looks just about the same, still. Thank goodness!

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I tried your carob/spirinula chunks yesterday and was blown away by the energy that I had. I was able to eat two chunks every three hours and not have to stop what I was doing to sit down and eat a full meal. I usually get hypoglycemia if I don't eat a full meal. I'm so glad I discovered your energy chunks, I have been searching for the perfect food to carry with me to avoid hypoglycemia while shopping or out on the run. They are so tasty too!
God Bless!