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Vegan Vagrant Review--so good we are reposting!

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Chunks of Energy is a company that specializes in selling energy-sustaining "chunks" into your favorite health food stores to be sold in the bulk bin section. Therefore, there is no packaging, lower shipping costs and all round improved efficiency, which are all very green points. Chunks of Energy boasts achievements like being the best-selling bulk food item in many Whole Foods as well as plenty of other health food stores. If I had to quickly describe what Chunks of Energy products are, I would relate them to the type of thing you would take on a day-long hike where you need sustained energy but are not able to hold perishable items. They are quick, tasty bites of power foods that will keep your energy up over long periods of time without weighing you down at all. Chunks of Energy was kind enough to send me samples of their 3 best sellers, so here they are:

Organic Carob Supergreens- I've never been a big fan of carob, to me it's kind of like the poor man's chocolate. Eight and a half years ago, when I became vegan, there were not too many chocolate products that didn't contain at least some kind of dairy product. In that case, us vegans were wiling to let the taste difference slide a bit in order to achieve the same type of flavor as chocolate by using carob. These days, there are TONS of chocolate products out there that don't contain any sort of dairy. Now that I've gotten my bias out of the way, I can safely say that these were my least favorite of the 3 I tried. Bias aside, they were pretty good for a carob product, and I love spirulina so that helped. If you do like carob, I'm positive you would love these things. In my humble opinion, though, I would much rather have the….

Raw Organic Cacao Goji- These were by far my favorite of the 3 samples, but I'm also a Stage 5 chocolate addict. They are sweetened with dates and anyone who knows me knows that I cannot get enough of any raw chocolate and sweetener combo. These chunks were moist, hearty, rich and oh so delicious, almost brownie-like. I felt the power of raw chocolate fill my body shortly after consuming them and instead of weighing me down like most desserts do, these chunks soon had me in the gym working out with energy to spare. The Raw Cacao chunks have my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION.

Cha Cha Chia- To me, the Cha Cha Chia chunks remind me of the classic camping or hiking food. They are super tasty, pretty neutral, and also offer a ton of energy-sustaining nutrients. If you're the type to snack on trail mix for any sort of long day, I suggest you try the Cha Cha Chia chunks instead next time, you will not be disappointed. And if you don't know about the amazing health benefits of chia seeds (yes, the same seeds that grow "hair" on your favorite pet-shaped terra cotta), I encourage you to do a little research. They are jam-packed with nutrients and also act as great binder in raw foods delicacies when soaked for a little while.

Big thanks to Chunks of Energy for the samples, I would recommend them to anyone looking for quick sustained energy, so get to Whole Foods or your local health food store and pick some up in the bulk section today!

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