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Topeka Coop Anniversary Celebration

Dear Michael:
The Topeka Natural Food Co-op, Inc. is celebrating its 5 year anniversary at our Potwin location this October. We are planning to feature products and services of Co-op vendors and distributors in our store during that time. We would love to provide our customers and Co-op members with samples of Chunks of energy and mega green mix at our information tables during business hours. Please reply to this email by contacting our store manager, Devrin Forte, if you can provide us with an opportunity to feature your products. We are looking forward to hearing from you and hope you can celebrate this milestone with us!

Rachael Savage, Marketing Director
Topeka Natural Food Co-op, Inc.
503 SW Washburn
Topeka, Kansas 66606

Topeka Coop
We will send you 5 pounds of chunks of energy to sample with your customers and Coop Members. Dancing Star appreciate very much your business and is very supportative of not only the Topeka Coop, but also the 100 hundreds of Coops that have been selling Chunks of energy for 18 years. Our First Five Customers in 1992 were Coop, they included: East End Coop, Pittsburgh, Brattleoboro Coop, Brattleboro Coop, Greenfieds Market, Greenfield,MA, Green Star Coop, Ithaca, NY, and Onion River Coop, Burlington, VT.


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